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Aisha Shaikh

Graphic Design Associate

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Andrea Bianchi

Membership Admin Assistant

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Angela Lindsay

Communications Coordinator

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Brenden McCrory

Grounds Maintenance Manager

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Carrie Underwood

Workforce Development Manager

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Cassandra Garrard

Environmental Project Coordinator

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Charlotte Guena

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Christy Sebastian

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Courtney McCann

Director of Workforce Development

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Evan Dickson

Director of Membership

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Gregory Sumsion CSP

Account Manager

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Heather MacRae

Director of Trade Shows & Events

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Ian Service

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Jaleesa Rhoden

Membership Events Specialist, Chapter & Sector Groups

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Jessica Tucker

Employment & Apprenticeship Coordinator

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Joe Sabatino


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Joe Salemi CAE

Executive Director

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Justin Kole

Membership Engagement Specialist

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Kali Pearson

Director of Communications & Publications

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Karina Sinclair

Multimedia Journalist

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Karri Bylsma

Membership Events Specialist, Chapter & Sector Groups

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Kathy McLean

Seminar Coordinator

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Lauralee Gonzalez

Membership Events Specialist, Chapter & Sector Groups

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Lisa Pascoe

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Liz Lant

Account Manager

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Marissa Rimbao

Office Manager

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Meagan Sheehan

Conference and Events Specialist

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Mercedes Strachan

Trade Show Coordinator

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Mike Wasilewski

Creative Director / IT Coordinator

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Nolan Bechtel

Pre-Apprenticeship Employment & Placement Specialist

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Rebecca Harrison

Digital Experience, Job Bank & Data Specialist

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Robert Ellidge

Communications Coordinator and Content Manager

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Shubham Kumar

Sponsorship Coordinator

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Vicki Thomson

Employment & Training Coordinator

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