April 1, 2019
Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre in Brampton, Ont., was home to the Landscape Ontario Grounds Management Lecture Event on Feb. 27. Produced by LO’s Grounds Management Sector Group, the annual event provided participants with valuable information on a wide range of important topics led by green professionals, plus several networking opportunities via refreshment and lunch breaks.

The day began with Brent Giles, Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services, offering an overview of handheld battery powered equipment. Next, Jennifer Llewellyn, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), provided an engaging presentation on current plant health issues, plus how to diagnose them and how to manage and prevent them for healthier landscapes. One attendee commented, “I learned about oak wilt and some other plant pests I was not aware of,” and listed the session as ‘the most memorable/valuable thing I saw/heard/experienced today.’

Vince Borgdorff, president of WPE Landscape Equipment, rounded off the morning with an information session on the ease, cost, and risk of not performing regular equipment maintenance. After lunch, Constable Vito Pedano, Peel Regional Police, provided an important session on commercial vehicle safety and crime prevention.  One attendee shared, “I really appreciated all the lectures. I was especially looking forward to the Peel Police part. So much more we need to know!”

Rodger Tschanz, Trial Garden Manager at the University of Guelph, reported on highlights from Ontario’s 2018 trial garden season. The educational programming concluded with John Gaydos, Proven Winners, who shared new plants that will meet client’s expectations and provide beauty and enjoyment with a minimum amount of maintenance.

A first-time attendee stated, “For my first lecture I thought it was really good. I want to learn more now!”

Thank-you to the event partners, WPE Landscape Equipment, Eloquip Target Specialty Products, Duke Distribution and Bobcat of Toronto.